About Us

Business Philosophy

With “Build to Stay Strong” as our core concept for decades, YONGQIANG has constantly aimed to develop high- end project and build architecture that not only withstand the test of mother nature but also adapt with time. Everything started when the corporate founder first visited Europe as a young man decades ago. In Italy’s Tuscany region, the capital city Florence, home to many masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture. after seeing the Riccardi Palace built by the Medici Family, another architectural symbol of the Renaissance. Awe-inspired by the fact that the Riccardi Palace had withstood the test of time for more than 500 years, our corporate founder was deeply touched and vowed to build strong and enduring sustainable buildings for his hometown in Taiwan. Since then it has become YONGQIANG’s core value and company’s spirit.

After founding the company, we have taken these ideas as our core concept. By putting great value in our construction quality and selecting high-standard building materials, we do whatever it takes in pursuing perfect construction quality and winning our customers’ trust. After the 1999 Jiji earthquake, many of our construction projects located along the Chelungpu Fault still stood steadily and strongly without showing any sign of weakness, which clearly reflects our business concept of “Build to Stay Strong”. Our corporate trademark was designed to symbolize the planet along with the concept of time and sustainability. As time passes, our company has undertaken many tasks and overcome many challenges. Nevertheless, we continue to uphold our core value of building steady and strong architecture to create an everlasting positive relationship with our customers.

YoungQiang History


  • Factory and Residential Complex in TAIPING TAICHUNG


  • Private Villa in MALIPU TAICHUNG


  • Community Activity Center in SHANGXIN ZHOULAN


  • Residential Complex in SHANGXIN ZHOULAN


  • Business and Residential Complex in SHANGXIN ZHOULAN
  • Mr. L’s Private Residence in SHANGXIN ZHOULAN


  • Mr. C’s Private Residence in ZHUOLAN MIAOLI
  • Residential Complex in NEIWAN ZHOULAN


  • Mr. W’s Private Residence


  • Mr. F’s Residential Complex in MIAOLI COUNTY


  • Residential Complex in MEISHAN


  • Residential Complex in ZHONGMING COMMUNITY


  • Mr. C’s Villa in HOULI TAICHUNG
  • Mr. L’s Villa in HOULI TAICHUNG
  • Mr. W’s Private Villa in CHANGHUA COUNTY


  • Mr. K’s Private Villa in HOULI TAICHUNG


  • Mr. Y’s Residence in HOULI TAICHUNG
  • Mr. W’s Villa & Factory Complex in MEISHAN VILLAGE
  • Mr. Y’s Villa in YUEMEI
  • Mr. C’s Residence in NEIPU


  • Mr. W’s Business & Villa Complex in NEIPU
  • Mr. P’s Business & Villa Complex in NEIPU

Future Outlook

With the rapid development of science and technology, future construction methods will place greater value on efficiency, technology, and quality. Standing on the forefront of the construction industry, YONGQIANG will integrate new technologies with exclusive technical methods for its construction projects while maintaining its traditional concept of excellence. Therefore, we will provide our customers with better construction planning, improve construction efficiency, and achieve even more precise construction quality.

As a predecessor of the construction industry, Yongqiang will work hard to revitalize its role as a construction predecessor, spur Taiwan’s architecture to move forward, incorporate both architectural quality and design aesthetics into practice, and continue to introduce iconic classic boutique buildings. In the future, we will continue to expand our market domestically through out all parts of Taiwan and continue to develop product for people with even more boutique buildings with excellent quality.